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onesillyfugurl's Journal

Amma Kirkpatrick Chasez
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did I fail to mention I met chris.......YES I MET CHRIS *dies* I am such a freak

no really I did meet Chris...three times in a row!!!

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Kris Kirkpatrick is Boy Band Love.

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Sesshoumaru is demonic, brother-hating love.

Thuganomics is love.

Matt Hardy is version one love.

The WeatherPixie

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Tarot Cards

silly, yet lovable...all around crazy as sin
Divinatory Meanings: it is a goddess card, you worship it, praise it, then bow to the almight Kirkpatrick
Reversed: will cause bad luck...maybe even a bad hair day
Libra: very vaulable to Southern Belles

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Screw Marriage! Pocky is Love.

Happy tree friends is love gory love.

notice once a week my profile gets longer and longer

note: the graphics in this journal were hard made by me...so if you want it you can ask me to make it instead of tryin to steal my shit

but the style is

so if you happen to steal their style...you deal with them