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29th September 2006

12:31am: so...yeah....*shrugs*
yeah like todays my birthday and shit....whoopty fucking do
Current Mood: depressed

22nd September 2006

7:44pm: i know long time no write but hell , its been a busy month
I would love you all to know that, its a rare scene if I buy ciggarets, very rare....my day was so bad today, I bought two and smoked 3...make it 4 today...and I dont smoke that much

1. the photo machine went kaput 5 times today through three orders

2. I got cussed out by some random fucker who got upset because I was going by store policy, there was pretty much almost a fight in my store between my manager and this assmuncher

3. he gave me an hours worth of change...that ended up getting depleted in 20 minutes due to the rush

4. I never have been so happy to see a coworker come in in my entire life

5. its sad when your roomate can tell if it has been a bad day, when she sees if you have been smoking or not

6. birthdays next week *shrugs* whoot, not like its gonna be worth celebrating for shit

7. I am now hungry, Im gunna order me a pizza

Because, *sighs deeply smacking myforhead* Yes
Current Mood: exhausted

18th August 2006

4:28am: another family member lost...
it didnt rain this time, but I had a really like bad feeling about something, yesterday afternoon right around 3:00 pm my grandmother passed away, now what kinda sorta bugs me is, she passed on at 3, and well no one told me or my brother till about 9 pm......I dont know why my aunt didnt deem it fit to tell us till hours later, maybe its because I was at work still but....the only thing about this whole thing is....my grandmother was coherant, she knew what was happening and sheknew what was going on......I also got to say good bye to her properly, I wanted the last time of me saying good bye to her to be a conversation like we always had whenI lived back at home....but, she didnt suffer, and I know shes with my mom.....and they are watching over both me and my brother....

Because, Yes
Current Mood: depressed

27th July 2006

11:14am: unspeakably good news
i got a JOB!!!!!!!!

that is all

Because, (I am still planning on watchin Nsync all day) Yes
Current Mood: happy
5:00am: *is dying of laughter*
I am sitting here watching old Nsync videos at 5 am.....and laughing my fool head off, and mad as fuck that I cant find my "southern Belle" icon around *grumbles*

I would love to know...is it a good idea to subject a resin ball jointed doll to this type of inhumanity....

guess I'll find out soon enough *goes on to playing more Nsync videos and laughing*

Because, *is laughingmy fool headoff* YES

2nd July 2006

4:43am: OMGWTFBBQ?!?!?!??
GAAH I so need to like get a new yahell sn to futs around with

4:27: hello.
ammaknight (Autoreply)
4:27: This is the deal, I am TRYING TO GET SOME SLEEP, please let me do so without any bloody disturbances, THANK YOU!!!!!!
4:30: hi
4:31: do you write fanfiction.
4:31: on?
4:32: i am looking for someone to write fic of law and order svu or birds of prey tv series or superman films.
4:32: oh I dont do that type of fanfiction I stopped writing ages ago9
4:33: no one will write a fic of those fandoms.
4:34: I dont even watch any of those shows or the films
4:34: please i am begging you what about buffy the vampire slayer.
4:34: dont watch that either
4:35: erm....ok?

dude all I said was I didn't write for any of those fandoms...*faceplant*

Because, *facepalms* yes
Current Mood: awake
2:32am: I dont even know why I am bothering to type this out
cause I have just been feeling super lonely and really depressed, and then being reminded of my ex is not helping my mood, I tried talking to one of my more understanding roomates about whats wrong with me, and I still couldnt get it out...I dont know it kind of bothers me, I normaly can get this cleared up after a couple of days and be fine, I cant even shake this once more...I hate it when I get like this honestly I dont even know why I am really bothering to say anything or type it out

Because, Yes
Current Mood: depressed

30th June 2006

7:48pm: Cause dude I am just feeling like super dorky right now
cuz I really dont need to be blowin up ya'lls friends and not to hear the bitching about a fucking lj cut, here it isCollapse )
Current Mood: dorky
3:19pm: I just realized something....
I get upset over the fact that I am single...I get extremly bitter over my ex...then I get ims on yahell from guys that think we are dating (aka: indians, africans and just plain idiots)...and then I realize why i am single....

Because, Yes

EDIT: the reason as to why I just made this post, if you were wondering

ammaknight (Autoreply)
3:15: I am trying to see the bottom of my floor
3:15: ok
3:15: miss u
3:15: wanted to hear ur voice on phone
ammaknight (Autoreply)
3:15: I am trying to see the bottom of my floor
3:18: when u get done, pls holla @ me....:x
ammaknight (Autoreply)
3:18: I am trying to see the bottom of my floor
3:18: I wanna share some lovely moment with u tonite
Current Mood: bitchy
12:35am: you never realize it hurts, till you remember
eh this wont be long cause yeah the more I type this crap out the more it hurts and pisses me off...

you know I wonder why I stay single and such, and then I think about my ex and then I realize why I do, some of the guys I end up dating break up with me not even giving me a reason why, and trust me, hearing the words "its not you its me" is not a damn good reason to me, to me its a fucking copout and it pretty much makes you a pussy, or you find reasons not to be with me, if you didnt want to date me you should have never asked me the fuck out in the first place...I mean I had to get all this out before I broke down into tears once more....at this point if he calls or tries to contact me...he's gonna have a hard job at it

because, Yes
Current Mood: pissed off

5th June 2006

3:02pm: I have grown irritated being jobless....Its driving me up the wall and its making me more and more discouraged, dont get me wrong I love sleeping in and such, but right now I feellike I have entirely no bloody purpose, and I am sitting here constantly twiddling my thumbs waiting for someone to call about a job, I guess thats what bugs me the most.....you know I hope my old job is fucking happy, cause now.....I am basicly broke, bored, and pissed the fuck off

Because, yes
Current Mood: irritated

17th May 2006

11:07am: I wanna go to Tokyo like...right now....
Because yeah, I just saw the newest traler to Death Note, and damn near had a heart attack, I mean my god I love the series and I really, REALLY wanna go see this movie, I mean they picked a damn good cast for this one....and this is one of those moments where I can't wait till it hits dvd....LEGAAAAAAAHHH

Because, *sobs* yes
Current Mood: anxious

22nd April 2006

4:04pm: For those trying to find me (even though its only been 24 hours...)
I HAVE NO BLOODY INTERNET, so pretty much if you know me, and you have my current cell phone number please call or text me cause, hey I could love the support....if you do not, there is that nice little text messaging function on my profile....leave a text with your name and maybe your number so i can get in contact with you as well, I probably wont be getting the net back till we finaly move into the new apartment...so bet on seeing me then

Because, *facepalm* yes

12th April 2006

8:07pm: I just did something crazy.....
I just signed up for a dating service...*twitch*

this is either going to bite my in my ass or work in my favor...

Because, *twitch* yes
Current Mood: ditzy

23rd March 2006

3:50am: *grumble*
You know...I love it when I am woken up by loud laughter, on;y to find out what it is and its my two roomates, laughing up a storm...and not really caring if they woke me up....LIKE THE LAST TIME A CERTAIN ROOMATE WOKE ME UP....

but yeah....thought you may wanna know that...

not that anyone truly reads this

Oh, and the obligatory doll post..

It's 3 am.....I am wide awake....deal with itCollapse )
Current Mood: grumpy

15th February 2006

2:24am: He finaly showed up in the mail
I ordered a doll from Lutz a few weeks ago, and he actualy showed up when I expected him to....which is a damn good sign cause yeah I needed a small smile

cut for those with slow modems, or just really don't feel like looking at a dollCollapse )
Current Mood: sleepy

10th February 2006

5:04pm: some men...honestly
I had this guy on myspace leave me a comment that stated this

"you're cute, in that heavy girl sort of way"

seriously, I dont know whether to be insutled or flattered (which frankly was my reply)

I mean I don't really think that men think about what they say to some women, I mean I was polite in my reply....but deep inside I wanted to pimp slap the shit out of him

Because, Yes

btw: xposted
Current Mood: irritated

31st January 2006

10:54am: Ok Amma is freaked the fuck out now....
just as I was online talking to some freak of nature trying to get my number at 10:30 in the morning, some asshole calls my phone, I didnt know who the hell it was and starts making kissy sounds in my phone and starts with the hey baby shit and dirty talk so I hung up on him, then this asshole on yahoo starts to give me his number and I told him to back off, which makes me wonder

coincidence, I think not

Because (shes freaked out now and wants to hide under the covers), YES
Current Mood: shocked

29th January 2006

5:38am: just showing I still live
yeah I am still alive and I made a few changes...

got a whole new layout and it was made by night_raining, as of until I change my damned mind again, its gonna be vincent valentine of FF7 fame

My room is getting cleaner and cleaner slowly but surely, I mean I got my clothes seperated and such, and there is a floor...but there is still alot of work that needs to be done (like scamming the roomie into getting a better carpet on this floor, or I am going hardwood dammit.

got an added roomate, eh its two chicks and a guy in this house now....gotta get used to it

and a personal valentines present for me, the second it comes to this house I will take massive photos of it,,,well when it shows up,

and its 5:30 in the bloody morning, I so need to be asleep...I am on crack I tell you, CRACK!!!!!!!!!

Because, Yes
Current Mood: sleepy

19th January 2006

9:29pm: I would like you all to know
That I am proudly beta testing final fantasy 11 online for the xbox 360

just hearing that lovely melody is causing me to get a bit teary eyed, yeah...my mom bought me ff8, my first true rpg experience....and what caused me to be a true squaresoft lover

ok....off to play

Because, Yes
Current Mood: giddy

8th January 2006

6:48am: what the wall next to my bed looks like now
in my half asleepmess I decided to take photos of what my wall looks like now

Read more...Collapse )
Current Mood: sleepy

7th January 2006

10:36pm: Ohayocon photos round 2
here are some photos from the first day and today and trust me, I was quite happy when I got a photo of this Dan cosplayer

Current Mood: content

6th January 2006

5:49pm: Round one of Ohayocon photos
This set of lovely photos are the first ones I took at the con...which I am sitting at as we speak mind you so yes this will be up to date as i take photos....and as soon as I find a spot to pop a squat with deicent wireless connection so.....

Current Mood: bouncy

28th December 2005

3:15am: Photos from Christmas as well as random doll photos
I only took a couple of photos from christmas, for those who don't know I went to see my grandmother Christmas day, I was very happy to see her as well as her happy to see me, we spent half the day listening to a couple singing Christmas music as well as talking and catching up with other things, since the last time I saw her was her birthday and I didnt get a good chance to chill with her..but anyways

ON TO THE PHOTOS!!!Collapse )
Current Mood: silly

25th December 2005

12:20am: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, pip pip and all that wot
I actualy sat here and watched a whole episode of Perfect Hair Forever, which normaly I can never EVER watch cause its just plain bad half the time, but for some odd reason I can...dunno why.

And man does it feel like Friday to me, see this is what I get for working every day up till Christmas, It finaly happened, I have worked so damned much I basicly forgot what day of the week it was.

and of course I got dissapointing news from Federated's sorry ass, since now I still work for May company and Federated bought us out...I can't get my 401k benifits from them, but yet I do not work for Federated until fall of next year...but trust me on this folks, I will be calling them on Monday, and I will not be so nice about it, I have had it up to here with that damned company fucking me over, they flat out will not leave me alone.

But that I am not gonna worry about, I am going to enjoy my holiday, visit my grandma, and call it a day

And yeah, this show is slowly starting to grow on me/

everyone, honestly, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday.

Because, Yes
Current Mood: drained
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